On Saturday the 26th of August, a science fair for elementary and high school students will be held at Chania, Crete in the facilities of the Sailing Club at the old harbour. The event will include simple experiments demonstrating various basic principles of particle physics, a variety of biological samples that can be examined through microscopes and an exhibition of drawings made by elementary school students with a theme revolving around particle physics and the Creations project. CREATIONS posters and flyers will be available and various presentations about the project will be made.  The event will be organized by Prof. Christine Kourkoumelis and the team from IASA and supported by the University of Crete. It will be open to the general public.

On the following day, August 27th, a series of public talks revolving around CERN and some of the practical applications of technologies invented there will be held at the facilities of the school of architecture at the old harbor of Chania. The talks will be open to the public and we expect various high school students from Heraklion to attend. Presentations of the CREATIONS project and relative discussions with the teachers are planned.

On August 28th, Prof. Kourkoumelis will give an invited talk at the “Ions for cancer therapy, space research and material science conference” about the Creations project, the scenarios that are available for teachers to use and how they can participate in the project with their schools.