Prominent European educator visited Serbia thanks to Scientix, the community for science education in Europe and CREATIONS, a H2020 project

Center for the Promotion of Science, Physicist Society of Niš and Scientix, the community for science education in Europe, with support from CREATIONS project, have jointly organised a series of workshops by Dr Rosa Doran, a prominent science promoter and an international expert for modern science education. The workshops were held between May 30th and 2nd June in Pancevo, Belgrade and Nis.

Dr Doran came to Serbia as part of pan-European science educator communities and networks, under the EU-funded projects aimed at introducing contemporary creative processes and concepts in science teaching. During her stay in Serbia, in several trainings and workshops, teachers and educators were introduced to the programmes and activities offered by the European initiatives Go-Lab, Inspiring Science, Hands on Universe, Nuclio, and Galileo, a programme for astronomy teachers.

Ms Doran’s stay was divided into three segments. The first part was held at Nikola Tesla Technical School in Pančevo, organised by Nada Stojicevic, teacher and Scientix ambassador for Serbia. The second segment took place at 14th Belgrade Grammar School, while the third and final one was at the Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics in Nis. The workshops were primarily targeted at science teachers who are eager to learn about the opportunities and resources available via project websites and apps, such as Go-Lab, an open interactive online lab, or the Hands on Universe platform.

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