Tools for planning CREATIONS into your teaching

The CREATIONS Toolkit downloads are available HERE and will guide you through how to use the CREATIONS wheel and Honeycombs as a resource for planning the CREATIONS features and the Arts into your science enquiry. You are guided through an example activity as a potential starting point for your own planning.

What is the CREATIONS Wheel and how to use it?

The CREATIONS wheel is a physical tool to use with your students or young people. It is a way for them to generate questions about a theme or topic. Using the central wheel there are prompts for the students to begin their discussions. They then follow the second layer, which is structured around the IBSE Cycle, each stage of the cycle has further prompts to probe thinking. The gaps between the different segments allow for the third and forth layers to show through (the CREATIONS Features and Arts disciplines). It is envisaged that at each stage the person using the wheel has an opportunity to consider how they might integrate the Arts and features at this stage.

Download here

The CREATIONS Honeycombs

The honeycombs are used as a prompt / support to show you questions you might ask students during this process. The Facilitator can further support their students in questioning how can the Arts be employed, used, integrated, enhanced during this stage of the process?

Some examples of how this might look:

  • The young people can explore further shapes through movement i.e. counterbalance and counter tensions – they can create a dance about forces and gravity.
  • They can engage with film and media by making a video of themselves conducting their experiment.
  • They can engage with music by applying different forces to a stringed instrument to compose a piece of music.
  • They can engage with art and make a photo collage documenting their experiment

Download here