This section contains links and resources for further information to support you in your understanding of the CREATIONS toolkit. We have also sourced additional reading for those that are interested in challenging their understanding further.


The main resource for CREATIONS is the Portal on Open Discovery Space.

The portal aims to enrich the existing educational approaches by blending artistic creativity with the inquiry based science education model so as to extend the implementation to larger and more diverse settings. This page also describes the structure of the CREATIONS Community portal organized in 3 steps: “to Search”, “to Share” and “to Create” by using or adapting the creative practices and tools that the project has to offer according to the teachers needs.


More Resources
Practical resources available to download to assist you in your planning
Workshop plan for creativity definition
CREATIONS Honeycombs
Human Table Video


Links to other projects for stimulus and inspiration
Imagineerium productions
Lab 13
Fun Palaces
Junior Science Café
Write a Science Opera (WASO) 
Science Theatre
Student Parliaments


Social media


Further reading
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