The CREATIONS survey aimed to find out what science education professionals and scientists thought about creativity in science, and what professional development would help them teach for creativity. We have summarised our findings below but for more information please see HERE, and for greater detail deliverable report Deliverable 2.4.
We found creative science education facilitators were looking for high-impact professional development in teaching for creativity in science and in dialogic pedagogy to enable them to teach about the creative nature of science within their curriculum and time constraints. See CREATIONS Demonstrators, as they are also useful resources to help teacher educators achieve this.

To have a high impact, a high quality, supportive learning environment for CPD is crucial, where suggestions are based on evidence and professionals are able to both collaborate and direct their learning. The CREATIONS Resource page provides a suite of resource materials to explore teaching for creativity in your lessons, whilst embedding and enacting the CREATIONS features within the professional development. To support professional development, we welcome Facilitators and teacher educators to join the CREATIONS discussion* HERE. Teacher Educators can engage their students with creativity in science using the CREATIONS Features, * DemonstratorsFrameworkPlanning template.