Defining creativity and understanding the CREATIONS features

How do you define creativity in your science education planning and practice? It helps to own the practice of developing creativity in science education, if you can have your own creativity definition. It might not be in words; an image might represent it. From this, you can cyclically develop your definition by reflecting on it over time, intertwined with practice. Download this document to find out about the CREATIONS definition and a resource to help you develop your own.

The full workshopping process can be found here

The CREATIONS team conducted a literature review of current European creative science education, and condensed it into 8 practical features: dialogue; interdisciplinarity; individual, collaborative and communal activities for change; balance and navigation; empowerment and agency; risk, immersion and play; possibilities; ethics and trusteeship.

You can download the full detail of the features HERE, and the literature review HERE.

We are presenting the CREATIONS features for Facilitators who want to engage alongside and in relationship with their learners. During CREATIONS we have used a Cloudsheet to track how we think the features come alive in different science education projects and Demonstrators.

Download here