On 20 May, Etopia Center for Art & Technology opened an exhibition called Reverberadas, organized under the European Digital Art and Science Network project. The exhibition in Saragossa presented the works of a dozen artists and art groups who treat science topics and their social role and importance in a contemporary context.
Among the works featured at the exhibition is Encuentros by María Ignacia Edwards, realised after receiving a Residency at the European Southern Observatory in Chile as the first laureate of this project. The work was premiered at Ars Electronica Festival in Linz in 2015, and has been exhibited on several occasions since then.
On this occasion a symposium was held involving representatives of partner organisations in the project, prominent scientists and researchers, educators and local scientists. The achievements of the Centre for the Promotion of Science, its activities and the works of the winners of the first national selection were presented by Dobrivoje Lale Erić, the national project manager for Serbia.
The exhibition in Saragossa is the second event organised under the auspices of the Network in 2016, after the “Art & Science” exhibition in Belgrade. In early June, a third exhibition will be held in Ljubljana, organised by Kapelica Gallery. The specific value of the project lies in the fact that each programme involves a unique activity with its own original content, always significantly different from other partner programmes.

Etopia Centre