On August 22-27th, Stord Haugesund University College (Norway) will host the 20th Global Hands on Universe Conference and Galileo Teacher Training Programme (http://handsonuniverse.org/ghou2016/).

During the conference, the CREATIONS project will be featured in two ways: The art@CMS exhibition will be open to participants and Public during the Whole week, including artworks by Michael Hoch (CERN), and the “Gift of Mass” multi-media installation by the Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN). Dr. Angelos Alexopoulos will conduct workshops for local schools about the exhibition, and Dr. Hoch will open the exhibition on Monday, August 22nd. On Thursday, August 25th, a Write a Science Opera (WASO) workshop will be offered by CREATIONS for the participants from 20 countries, on the themes of particle physics and astronomy. During the whole week, participants will be preparing videos for this year’s “Ghost Particles” Global Science Opera, which premiers on November 19th.