The University of Exeter CREATIONS team are excited to have launched the Dialogues in Science-Creativity-Arts Action Research Programme on 1 March 2017. The team are working with seven pairs of arts and science teachers, from across the UK, to support their action research into the question: “How can the sciences and arts combine together to engage children and young people in creative science education?”  The project will run until Spring 2018 with Exeter staff meeting regularly with pairs and mentoring them, and simultaneously drawing together an overview of all the research. Some of the pairs are also using the opportunity to frame their investigations as a module within the UoE MA Education Programme.

On 1 March the seven pairs worked with arts and science education staff from University of Exeter. They began by representing their understanding of creativity in science education using visual arts materials, in order that they could begin to research it together. The rest of the day involved a sharing of an already completed local science-arts education project around the life of female scientist Lise Meitner led by Rae Hoole. The day culminated in the pairs finalising their research questions and data collection methods ready to get underway in the coming months.

The action research pairs come from: Bishop Milner Catholic College, Mountsbay Academy, Plymouth School of Creative Arts, Queens College London, Taunton Dean Partnership College Pupil Referral Unit, The Swanage School and North East Wolverhampton Academy.