CREATIONS | Science Photography Competition

The aim of the competition is to expose students to the diversity within research by:

  • Breaking down stereotypes of what a ‘scientist’ is and what they do.
  • Inspiring students to take an interest in scientific careers
  • Providing students with direct connections to the university

We also have some great prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

We ask students to send entries to the email
We’re accepting entries for round 1 until July 16th.

The competition is aimed at Maltese 14-18 year olds and is structured as follows:

  1. Students send in photos they have taken which they think represent ‘science’.
  2. 10-12 students are selected to participate in a workshop at the university.
  3. Each student is paired with a researcher and learns about the researcher’s work.
  4. The students take a photograph of their researcher at work.
  5. A gallery event is held, showcasing students’ works, and the winners are announced.
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