Center for the Promotion of Science (CPN) organized for the first time live presentation of student projects which involve the values and practices of both seemingly opposed disciplines – art and science. Two performances were held in the framework of the CREATIONS project, as a part of the large art+science festival that the Center organized in Serbia through April and May 2017. The demonstration of using art in order to create and transfer science content was open to the public at CPN’s Science Club in downtown Belgrade on May 20.

In a performance titled May the Force be with you!, CPN associate Jelena Mijatovic, Physics teacher Sanja Bulat and the 7th and 8th grade pupils of the Elementary School “Branislav Nusic” from Belgrade presented the phenomenon of force by using theatre, scenic movement and elements of opera.


Just after that, the pupils from Elementary School “Petro Kuzmjak” from Ruski Krstur (North Serbia) held a workshop on Math Origami for their Belgrade friends, explaining the fractals by the use and play with the origami techniques. Their Math teacher Natalija Budinski, who conceived this brand new and authentic concept for the CREATIONS demonstrator, did a brief lecture on the topic.