In the spring of 2018 many schools in Serbia had the opportunity to participate in the CREATIONS project. Center for the promotion of science organized events were pupils could enjoy learning science through creativity using four latest demonstrators that CPN developed together with local partners. Another part of all event were workshops coming from Hypatia project.

pic 1

Science pantomime workshop in Belgrade Science Club


Workshop Science Pantomime was held in Belgrade Science Club almost each Thursday during March, April and May, twice a day. With the help of volunteers, pupils from Belgrade and Leskovac were able to master the skill of using pantomime to present science knowledge from school curriculum. As a part of the workshop, student had the opportunity to meet a scientist and learn about their daily routine and research.

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Performance of the Dancing algorithms


Pupils from Ruski Krstur prepared a performance Dancing algorithms as a part of their long-term participation in the project using the demonstrator Programming dance. On the May 21 pupils and their teacher held a Dragon curve workshop in the Science Club and then performed Dancing algorithms for theirs peers and the audience. After the performance, pupils visited Fair of Technology and Technical Achievements, where they were hosted by TEXIMP company. Pupils were introduced to the work of scientists and experts, whose technological solutions were presented at the Fair.

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Visit to the Fair of Technology and Technical Achievements


Fair of Technology and Technical Achievements was also visited by pupils from Pejakovac and Zitoradja on May 25, where their host was SOLFINS 3D COMPANY. Representatives of the company explained and showed the pupils the principles behind 3D printers. Students with their teacher held a Build your own city workshop in the Science Club, after which they had an afternoon activity to finish their long-term participation in the project by making models using 3D pens. They learned about sustainable energy and self-sustainable cities, and were finishing-up their large and detailed model of a city.

pic 4

Final Creations event of the school year


At the end of a school year on June 7, CPN organized a big event in the science club, with nearly 70 pupils, from Nis and Belgrade. Students, divided in several age groups, participated in Science pantomime, and had a competition. Science pantomime showed that it can be applicable and rewarding to different age groups. After the competition, pupils from Nis had a premiere of their two movies, on which they had been working on for a few months using the Science fiction – STEAM motivation demonstrator. After the event, pupils went to visit Belgrade’s Museum of science and technology were they had the opportunity to learn about development of technology through time and to visit the science playroom.