After three highly successful stops at Milan, Venice and Padua in 2017, the Art & Science across Italy tour opens the new year with The Colors of the Higgs Boson exhibition at the Academy of Arts and Design in Florence. The exhibition, which is inaugurated on 10th January 2018, presents 55 artworks by more than 150 students from six Florentine schools that have been inspired by particle physics, together with 26 artworks by professional artists that form part of the art@CMS collection. The exhibition will be open to the public until the 28th January, while the best student artworks will be selected by the project’s local committee and will be awarded during a special event that will take place in the Academy of Arts and Design on the 24th January.




Developed by the National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN) in collaboration with the CMS experiment and CERN under the umbrella of CREATIONS, Art & Science across Italy aspires to act as an education and outreach bridge between student and teacher communities and particle physicists in Italy through the organization of STEAM activities including school seminars and workshops, visits to local INFN laboratories, science museums and centers, and SciArt exhibitions that, collectively, demonstrate the transformative role that creativity-based science education and outreach can play in enabling particle physics to become accessible to larger and more diverse audiences, while also encouraging the development of 21st century skills to the next generation of learners regardless if they decide to follow scientific careers or not.


More information on Art and Science across Italy can be found at the project’s website and Facebook page.