CREATIONS Competition 2016


Do you have a burning passion for physics and astronomy? Do you love to express yourself artistically? Are you looking for new inspirations? Then make your mark by entering this free CREATIONS National Competition for UK primary and secondary school students – create an artistic piece that engages

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Ghost Particle Premier


On November 19th, the Global Science Opera, «Ghost Particles» was performed in countries around the globe. In all, teams from about 20 countries contributed to the opera and its process, during which science and art were collaboratively explored by pupils, teachers, scientists and artists. The ope

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CREATIONS Features Demonstrator London


The Exeter team, as part of the CREATIONS consortium, delivered their first CREATIONS workshop in the UK at the prestigious  Imperial College London on Friday 25th November. 16 PGCE students from their newly developed course of STEAM Secondary teachers participated in the workshop. It was a fast,

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